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Cyclotron Engineer/ 40 Hrs/ Days/ BWH Radiology – (3147532)



To support the two-fold mission of the Biomedical Imaging Core (BICOR).  Provide continuous supply of PET radioisotopes in support of clinical operations at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Children’s Hospital, and Harvard Medical School.

PRINCIPAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES                                                                                                                

Operate, maintain, and improve the BICOR accelerator and associated equipment. 


  • Assure the cyclotron is in good operating order and available for production according to the pharmacy schedule.
  • Act as the on-site primary engineer under the GE Assurepoint in house maintenance contract for the cyclotron and radiochemistry modules.
  • Operate the cyclotron, oversee the operation of the cyclotron, train, and qualify cyclotron operators.
  • Perform all routine maintenance, calibration, and repair tasks for the cyclotron, the supporting electromechanical systems, target systems, and the software.
  • Maintain a balance of in-house spare parts and vendor supplied components to maximize the uptime available of all equipment.
  • Maintain accurate complete records of all the machine’s operation, calibration, and maintenance, both electronically and in the appropriate log books.
  • Maintain metrics for the production organization.
  • Assist radiochemistry technicians, faculty, and staff in promptly troubleshooting cyclotron operation and targetry problems as they arise.
  • Invent, modify, or improve cyclotron components, and targetry as needed to support the growing mission of the BICOR.

Provide support to the radiochemistry staff. 


  • Assure the automated synthesis modules are in good operating order and available for production.
  • Perform all routine maintenance, calibration, and repair tasks for the synthesis modules in relation to the target systems.
  • Assure all equipment is maintained in a validated compliant state.
  • Train and qualify technicians to work with synthesis modules.
  • Provide electronics and software support as needed to modify, build, or reprogram synthesis operations.
  • Maintain a metrics database process data.
  • Invent, modify or improve Radiosynthesis apparatus as needed to support the growing mission of BICOR
  • Assure quality control instrumentation is in good operating condition and maintained in a state of compliance.
  • Act as the primary point of contact for all analytical instrument maintenance contracts.

Direct and/or oversee the acquisition, design, startup, and turnover of any new capital equipment including accelerator equipment, clean rooms, hot cells, environmental chambers, automated synthesis or packaging equipment, and analytical equipment.

Monitor the proper operation of all utilities provided by BWH Facilities including chilled water, compressed air, electrical power, and see that validated HVAC systems remain in a state of control.

Assure radiation safety practices are in compliance:

  • Participate in the investigation and resolution of all anomalous occurrences.
  • Maintain the area radiation safety database.

       Build and maintain excellent working relationships with providers of routine maintenance and other contract services and material suppliers


Working conditions in the PET cyclotron/radiochemistry laboratory will include controlled and limited exposure to radiation and organic chemicals and solvents.  Cyclotron repairs require the engineer to be able-bodied to walk, stand, and access crawl spaces and tight areas.  The work hours are typically flexible but may start as needed at 04:00 and occasionally continue into the evening.  Weekend work may be required as often as once a month.

  • BS in EE or Physics and a minimum of 10 years of experience in particle accelerator operations or a MS in EE or Physics and a minimum of 7 years of experience
  • Experience within pharmaceutical GMP compliant operations is required.
  • Experience in a PET pharmacy is expected.
  • Experience with a GE PETTrace (or similar) cyclotron is required.

Primary Location

 MA-Boston-BWH Boston Main Campus

Work Locations

BWH Boston Main Campus 

75 Francis St 

 Boston 02115




 Brigham & Women’s Hospital (BWH)



Standard Hours 40


 Day Job

Employee Status


Recruiting Department BWH Radiology

Job Posting

 Feb 24, 2021